前置詞 on

※交通手段を表す on の使い方は「前置詞 by」をご覧下さい。


1.時間を表す on

1 日にちの on


I was born on Novemver ninth.


My father’s birthday is on January first.


I’m going to the Tokyo Disneylad on the twenty-fifth.


I’m really sorry, I’ afraid I won’t be able to attend the meeting on the eighteenth.


on the+序数詞+of+月

もう1つの日にちを表す言い方です。「on the+序数詞+of+月」の語順になり、月が一番最後にきます。注意すべき点は、通常で月の直前には in を使いますが、この形では of を使うことです。

I was born on the eleventh of May.


My mother’s birthday is on the twentieth of August.


2 曜日の on


He bought a book on Monday.


My sister takes piano lessons on Wednesday.


I don’t want to go out on Saturday.


My father goes horse racing on Sunday.


last, this, next, every がつく場合

曜日の直前にlast, this, next, every がつく場合、前置詞 on は不要です。everyday の直前にも不要です。

She went to Hiroshima last Tuesday.


How about going to the movie this Thursday.


They are going to play a regular game next Friday.


My father goes horse racing every Sunday.


I get up at seven everyday.



「〜曜日の午前・午後・夜」を表現する場合には、「on+曜日+morning, afternoon, evening」の形を使います。

My father is coming home from Italy on Saturday morning.


Let’s go shopping on Sunday afternoon.


I heard it on Monday evening.


3 祝日・記念日の on

I go to the shrine with my family on New Year’s Day.


We drunk on Coming of Age Day.


I will give my father a tie on Labor Thanksgiving Day.


What do you want on your birthday?


My parents are going to the hot spring on their wedding anniversary.


I have to study all the subjects on the anniversary of the founding of the school.


4 平日・週末の on

on weekdays(平日に)、on a weekday(平日のどこかに)

My mother works part-time on weekdays.


Can you spare the time for a talking on a weekday.


on the weekends(毎週末に)、on the weekend(週末に)

I usually go fishing on the weekends.


He’ll go out on the weekend.


last, this, next, every がつく場合

weekend(s) の直前にlast, this, next, every がつく場合、前置詞 on は不要です。

He was in Nagoya last weekend.


I want to play baseball this weekend.


We are making a new doghouse next weekend.


My father goes horse racing every weekends.


2.場所を表す on

1 〜の上

There is a cap on the table.


My son spilled ink on the floor.


Don’t put the base on the TV.


Your pen is on your desk.


Don’t walk on the grass.


2 〜の表面

There is a picture on the wall.


There is a mosquito on the ceiling.


3 〜の右側、左側

on your right(〜あなたの右側)

You’ll find the library on your right.


on your left(〜あなたの左側)

There is a bookshop on your left.


4 〜通り

He lives on Tamate Street.


The shop is on Harajuku Street.


3.体を表す on

My mother kissed me on my cheek.


I put cream on my face after a bath.


Don’t touch a pimple on my nose.


He has a scar on his arm.


Mike is walking with his child on his shoulders.


I have a scar on my stomach from the operation.


Pick it up on your back, and dash for the line.


The doctor applied an ointment to the sore on my knee.


I have a scar of a burn on my leg.


4.その他 on

on the front of〜(〜の表に)

Write your name on the front of this document.


on the back of〜(〜の裏に)

Please don’t write anything on the back of the envelope.


on TV(テレビで)

I watched the news on TV.


on the radio(ラジオで)

He studies English on the radio.


on the video(ビデオで)

I watched the movie on the video yesterday.


on vacation(休暇で)

She is in Hawaii on vacation.


on business(仕事で)

He is in London on business.